Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives Foundation

Generally known as SARA Foundation, this not-for-profit corporation helps support an innovative research center located beside Historic Washington State Park, near Hope, Arkansas.  The Foundation was incorporated in 1985 by the original founders and owners of the regional archives, and is now engaged in an unusual partnership with both the Arkansas History Commission(AHC) and the State Parks Division. The AHC has assumed ownership of SARA and operates it as a branch of the State Archives.


    Unlike most support groups, SARA Foundation is a full-fledged partner in the joint venture and must meet specific obligations.  It is contractually committed not only to "utilizing interest income from [its] certificates of deposit/endowments for archival projects and operations," but also to holding fundraisers, conducting other special projects, providing volunteers, and generally helping "to staff and maintain SARA."


    This participation is vital to the continuing development of Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives.  The Foundation's current activities and long-range programs depend heavily upon the contributions of donors and a growing general membership.  Book sales also contribute substantially. Thanks to the generosity of unpaid officers and directors, virtually all the Foundation's income goes directly to ongoing programs or into supportive endowments.